Spay/Neuter Totals:
For 2011: 2185
For 2012: 1676
For 2013: 1549
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CPA's primary focus is to provide spay/neuter assistance for cats and dogs. Our California branch also finds permanent homes for a limited number of stray and abandoned pets through our adoption program.

We are a non-profit organization staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. All donations go directly to help the animals in the community. CPA raises funds through individual donations and by selling a variety of products.

CPA has branches in Idaho, and in Ventura County, Palmdale, and Porterville, California.

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This bonded pair has never lived in a home with a family!
Lucky & Mimi

Lucky (age 10) and Mimi (age 9) spent their lives to date in a no-kill rescue/boarding facility. No attempt was made to find a home for them; they were just left to live in an outside kennel on gravel with igloos for their homes. The facility was closed down and Lucky and Mimi have been moved to the Agoura Animal Shelter. They deserve a real home, a real family, and real love for the rest of their lives. It's amazing the spirit they still display and the love they show for each other and for people. Click here to read more about Lucky & Mimi and to see more pictures of their enthusiasm for life and attention.

The Pet Overpopulation Problem

Did you know.....

5 to 7 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters nationwide every year and

3 to 4 million of them are euthanized!


Because only 10% of animals received at shelters are spayed or neutered, yet the cost of having an animal spayed or neutered is less than the cost of raising a single pupply or kitten for one year!




One unspayed dog and her unspayed offspring will produce 324 dogs in just 4 years.




One unspayed cat and her unspayed offspring will produce 10,736 cats in just 4 years!

Read about the health and behavior benefits of spay/neuter here.

This is what Concerned People for Animals is all about...reducing overpopulation.

Overpopulation Shelters
Percentage of shelter dogs spayed/neutered
Dog Offspring
Cat Offspring
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